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A little about me

I am a professional classical musician living and working in London, England. My musical journey began many years ago when I first picked up the kanklės (the Lithuanian National Instrument) at the age of nine. Since then, I have dedicated most of my time to learning the art of music. 

In 2018, I moved to the UK with the intention of popularising and showcasing an unknown instrument. My mission has always been and continues to be introducing it to a wider audience within the music scene. And what better location than London? :)

I have had numerous opportunities to speak about my country's instrument, and I am pleased to see that listeners are genuinely interested in learning more about the kanklės and its history. 

Since my arrival to the UK, I have had countless performances in various venues and events all across London, and I am gradually building my music career as well as establishing myself as a solo performer.

Not long ago, I started sharing my music playing and projects on social media, and I recently realised how valuable it would be to have a website like this one where I could document every step of my musical journey in London. 

More than just a portfolio website, I want to create a welcoming environment filled with entertaining stories and fun facts about the kanklės. A space where your questions are answered and your curiosity is always satisfied, making it a place you would like to return to!

You can find a dedicated blog at the top of the website where I will be writing about all of my gigs, projects, and collaborations in London and beyond. 

I hope that by exploring my love for Lithuania and my deep connection with the kanklės, I can pique your interest in learning more about your own country's rich culture and unique customs.

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